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In the past the churches of Norway had to send missionaries out to other countries to reach them with the Gospel, but now the world come to Norway. There is a vast missionary mark in our country, and it is very much needed in order to reach the Nations that are here with the Gospel. Shervin Ebrahimian has received the call to serve among immigrants across the nation. He is now being invited to attend different congregations around the country of Norway. Different churches, Free Church, Missionary Church, Pentecostal congregations,Filadelfia, the free evangelical congregations ... inviting him to take part to inspire, build and equip churches to accept immigrants with open arms. Shervin says that: "In this era in which we live now, wants God to raise up his church, so we again can see who we are in Christ and what he has done for us.There is a finished work that God wants us to walk more and more into". 

Through this service Shervin experiences that God really raise up his Church, and give it new power and strength. A number of immigrants have also been saved through this service, and more are to be met by Jesus. Shervin Ebrahimian who himself are former Muslim, was saved july 2000. He is from Iran and has lived in Norway since he was 13 years old, and has served the Lord for many years among immigrants. In the first years, he has served among his own countrymen and other Persian-speaking countries. Over the past years, he has been serving the Lord in Betania Arendal, first as a Bible-teacher among the farsi-speaking,but he has also been the initiator of reaching other nationalities with the Gospel. Today, he is also one of the leaders of the Congregation. Since 2008, Betania Arendal have international meetings once in a month where people from over 14 Nations come together to praise the Lord. Many have met Jesus, been renewed in their faith, have been constructed and equipped for duty. At all the meetings come several unsaved people in, and we are allowed to sow the word in the hearts of people from many different Nations. Many with Muslim background from Iran, Afghanistan, Kurdistan and Iraq have received Jesus and been baptized in those years. 

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2801 11 84482

This account is used only in connection with this mission. We thank you in advance for your donation, and remember, you are part of something great.

God bless you

International Church Betania Arendal

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